The recent popularity of Tai Chi in America has begun a steady stream of studies to find the ancient exercise’s health benefits. One recent study, conducted by scientists from the University of Florida and Fudan University, has found that Tai Chi can improve mental capacity and memory in elderly people which could eventually decrease the risk of mental illness.

Food for Thought

The study found that elderly Chinese people who practiced Tai Chi three times a week for a period of eight months received better scores in memory tests compared to people who didn’t take part in Tai Chi classes. Before dementia, the brain will shrink due to loss of nerve connections, but the people who took park in Tai Chi showed an improvement in brain volume.

A study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed that elderly people who are more physically active or engage in social interactions are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease than those who are relatively inactive. The study shows that these positive results may be due to conservation of pivotal regions in the brain that are regularly affected by the condition.

Physical Benefits

While Tai Chi has been shown to benefit the mind, there is no denying that the physical benefits of the exercise are vast. The slow movements and relaxing nature of this ancient exercise can provide you with the increased mobility, flexibility, stamina and endurance necessary to complete your everyday activities. If you are worried because an injury or disability keeps you from doing the things you love, or if you simply lack the motivation to complete physical exercise, tai chi can be your stepping stone for greater action.

Mix it Up

The time to move is now. Don’t let a disability, injury or lack of motivation get in the way of improved overall health. We can help you introduce tai chi into your workout or physical therapy program. Our licensed physical therapists will guide you through the path to a better lifestyle with professional instruction, drive and knowledge about your body. Call us today to learn more about the fitness classes for beginners at our Edinburg facility.

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