worked my way through physical therapy school as a life guard and swimming instructor. I taught a lot of children who were less than 5 years old. I heard the words “teacher, I can’t” over and over again. One day when I was about 18 years old I had heard “I can’t” enough. I stopped, I thought and after a minute I realized that the child had not even tried. WOW!  The light bulb went on for me. I said in response to this 3 year old, “How do you know you can’t, I didn’t even see you try”.”I bet if you try you will be able to do it!”.

Of course, I wanted them to grow so I would make sure when they were willing to try they would succeed. Once they succeeded at a task their confidence grew and they stopped trying to swim and started swimming. I was able support 3 year old children learning to swim the entire length of the pool. It took trust for those kids to take those first leaps of faith, to get their face wet and feel the bubbles. What can you begin to trust right now that will allow you to see how far you can grow!

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