Butterflies Come from Change!

Not so very long ago I contacted someone at a program I was looking into. I asked, Do I have to believe in your program for it to help me?” The woman on the other end of the line replied “No, mam, but it helps if you want to change and have hope you CAN change.” She didn’t try to sell me, but she asked me if I had any other questions. She then waited patiently for my response.

Since then I have thought a lot about her reply. She communicated a lot of information in a few words.

1. I didn’t have to believe in the program of the leader of their program; after all, he is a person just like me. He very likely doesn’t have all the answers.

2. I can change, but I need to want to and have hope it is possible.

3. Only I knew if I wanted to commit at the time, funds, and focus to take the steps to make the changes.

I made the commitment. My life began to change in powerful ways. A beautiful metamorphosis began to occur, just as a caterpillar goes through the process to become a butterfly. I saw my ability to step into my full potential. My first steps were to hope it was possible and to commit to the process.

Are you changing? Are you going in the desired direction? What are you willing to commit to in order to experience a metamorphosis in your life?

I would be privileged to support your metamorphosis into wellness. Call Innovative Therapy P.C. for an appointment. 956-994-1700

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