I remember a drawer my dad had fashioned into a solid step in our bathroom.  My younger sister and I would pull the drawer out and stand on the step so we could reach the sink and see ourselves in the mirror to brush our teeth and comb our hair.  This saved my mom time and mess which was important as there were 7 family members and only 1 bathroom in those days.

I remember when I tall enough to stand on the floor and see an ever increasing amount of my head and face appear in the mirror.  As I grew into seeing my full face in the mirror, I no longer needed to pull out the drawer and use the step.  In my mind, I had become “big”.

I have come to realize, no matter what age I am, no matter how much and how many ways I have grown, there are so many ways I am “growing into something” in life.  It is interesting how frequently I want to skip steps, leap over important lessons, and just get to the destination.

I am striving to accept and enjoy the beauty in the very place I am.  I am keeping my focus on what and where I want to grow into.

What are you find beauty in during your growth (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental) process?

What step will you take next?

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