As a professional who works with people following trauma and surgery, it is interesting how often people speak and act as if their bodies are the same as a car. We take them into the shop, replace a part, and then it drives like new or nearly new again.

The human body is vastly different than a car! The body is self-healing. Most types of treatments prepare a body to heal or set up an environment where healing is more likely to occur. Medication i…s most often a method of maintaining a state of imbalance in the body to keep it from getting worse. Most medication does little to support healing.

Frequently, we put more time, energy, and money into maintaining our cars than we do into maintaining our body. We change the oil, put on new wiper blades, fill the tank with gasoline, put on new tires, and perform tune ups. Most people do not even notice their bodies until it is significantly broken down and then they use the excuse, “I’m getting older”, “My parent had this problem”, “I have an old injury”.

The truth is the body can heal at any age. The question is, Are we supporting the healing? Are we putting in the correct fuel? Are we running the engine regularly? Are we resting it appropriately? Do we listen to the sounds it makes and service it until it purrs?

My experience has been a body can hum at any age, but it takes at least a bit of effort to get it to the humming stage. We can buy a new car if we have beat the old one up. We live with the same body with until we die. There are no trade ins. A while back a patient said to me, “If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”.

Are you showing as much love and care to your body as you do to your car?

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