Often at this time of year we make resolutions. What do we want to change, improve, or expand in life? After a few years of this, we frequently stop making resolutions because they become a reminder of what we haven’t done or didn’t accomplish.

Over the years, I have discovered a few truths which have helped me to be more successful in making progress towards my goals.

1.       Start where I am at. I can’t start where my sister, friend. Or husband is at. I am where I am and that is ok. Being truthful about where I am starting is important.

2.       I take a picture, record a description, or write down a description of this place, “Where am I beginning”.

3.       Do something small to bring the goal to fruition every day. Read for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid the desert. Clean off 1/2 a shelf in the closet. Whatever is helpful and encouraging to you!

4.       Celebrate the small and simple gains!

5.       Kick discouragement, negativity, and days you fall short into your past and keep going!

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