I frequently get asked this question: “how long will it take for this pain to resolve?” 

A client will report they have come to therapy and followed the instructions for a week, and asks why there is still pain.  My response is, “how long have you had the pain?” We put minimal amounts of thought and effort into maintaining our bodies. We wait until the pain is so severe, it is stopping some of our most important activities. When we experience a body break down, we want to take a pill or have surgery. We don’t want to invest time or energy into the process of getting well. We forget there are side effects to every drug and significant difficulties healing from most surgeries.

Learning about the body is one of the last frontiers. You can make huge changes in your wellness just by being aware of how you feel. When do you have pain? What makes it better? What makes it worse? How long does it last? What were you doing when the pain begins? By knowing this information, you can make changes in your habits and watch how each change effects your condition. It is all about asking the right questions, and then taking the correct steps to apply the solutions. The effort pays off 10 fold.

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