Observing people and how they move over the last 30 years has lead me to some beliefs. From the time we are born, we are taught to reduce our awareness of our bodies. As children we attend gym class and we are ridiculed if we can’t jump, climb, or run like the best kid in the class.  We are taught to “push” ourselves until we are ill.  I personally threw up more than once during a school athletic test. The harder we push ourselves the better we were thought of. Stretching our envelope can be helpful, but tearing them is not necessary. We learn to push ourselves past awareness. When we are aware of how our body feels with different moves and do the activities which help us to feel well, we build a relationship with our body where we work with the tissues, bones, joints, and nerves.  Healing doesn’t happen from beating the tissue into submission, but from listening to the tissues and supporting them in the process of healing.  Being aware of the body and what it is communicating can prevent damage and enable healing.  How do you choose to be aware of your body’s communication?

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