Hello, this is your body speaking.

You already know I could feel better. Often you don’t start living the choices you know would help me because “it is too much work” or “it will not do any good because the change is small” or “someone told you this is as good as it gets”. I want to share with you that when you add healthy choices to our daily routine they add up and over time. I feel and work better for you. Sure, parking further away from the door at work or taking the stairs doesn’t make much of a difference, today. However, after a week of going a bit further it begins to get easier, and after a month I want to park even further away. I can walk faster, and now we can still make it to our work station on time. Walking a bit further a couple of times a day isn’t like a 50 minute “get so sore” exercise class we will likely quit after the first day, but it puts drops in my bucket of wellness. You might be ready for another positive choice. A few drops in the bucket to improve our health and my ability to support you in daily activities pays off over time. Ask yourself: What can I stop doing which will add drops to my bucket? And what can I start doing to add drops in my bucket?

Watch our wellness expand.

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