Recently I began working with an awesome man, a former Navy Seal. He had a long list of painful body parts and an equally long list of injuries. He explained to me these injuries had healed the best they could. He was “good enough”. I understood where he was coming from. The aches and pains had been there a long time, and had even been through therapy for them. I asked if he would help me with an experiment, and since he is a great guy he agreed. He was doing a workout program, which was intense. I said, keep doing it. I invited him to engage in a method of treatment which would at least in theory “balance his body”. I could tell he was skeptical, but this was just an experiment and he was willing to help me out. After 4 sessions, he realized he wasn’t having shoulder pain it was just stiffness. He realized his balance was better and he is performing his workouts with greater ease. He is still confused as to why balancing the body the way we have has significantly reduced his pains that he had lived with for a couple of decades. This gentleman was in good physical condition; however, his body was out of balance. By being willing to stop the insanity of continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result and trying something different, he found he wasn’t too good to be great!

If you are interested in finding out if this experimental method would work for you, come to our next workshop at Innovative Therapy, PC.

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