Next time you are looking for a new mattress listen to your body. When we listen to our bodies, we will end up with the mattress that fits our different body shapes and sizes.

5 Messages from Your Body to Help You Find the Best Mattress:

5.  I have curves. I want to lay on a soft enough surface so that my inward curves are filled up with softness when I lay on it. I also want the outward curves to press into the surface.

4.  I need support. My spine has 3 normal curves. My neck curves in, my rib cage curves out, and my low back curves in. The mattress needs to be firm enough for my curves to have support. When the mattress is worn out, my spine feels like it is in a hammock, which is fine for a couple of hours on a summer afternoon. However, this doesn’t support me and allow me to rest well during the night.

3.  My head and neck are special. They belong to us – you and me. When I am on my side, the space between my head, neck, and the mattress needs to be filled up with a pillow. If I am on my tummy there is very little space to fill up with the pillow. Therefore, use a thin pillow. When I am on my back, use a pillow that fills up the curve of my neck and keeps my head even with my shoulders.

2.  I spend a good amount of time sleeping every night, but there are many causes for pain besides the mattress and pillow. Check out our workstation – we might need to make some adjustments there as well.

1.  Balance is the key that unlocks the door to feeling well. I need rest on a great mattress, but I also need appropriate movement. A 20 minute walk to notice the birds and the trees, a gentle yoga class, a stretch break during the day helps me to stay balanced day and night and will improve our sleep.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to hear me. The more you listen, the better relationship we will have.

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