As a physical therapist, I frequently help people learn to stand up, step up, and improve their balance. People never stop amazing me. I have seen people learn to stand and walk again because they knew they could. It wasn’t just positive thinking. It probably started with some thoughts, but it was positive action which changed their ability. This action was initiated from the inside. These folks were standing up on the inside before they could stand up on the outside. These people were willing to take a few, small risks and try something new. The results in therapy were significant, all because they made the choice to stand up on the inside and take action to stand up on the outside.

Where would making the choice to stand for what you believe in change your ability to move better and with less pain?

If you are interested in finding out more about how to change your abilities to stand, walk, run, workout, or just work, join us for our next workshop at Innovative Therapy!

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