Recently a patient came into my office immediately following his first appointment with a new doctor. He said, “The doctor told me I have to have surgery.” I found out the surgery was to address back pain. He had been coming for physical therapy for a shoulder problem. I suggested we try a new method I had been studying and using with good results. When we began, his back pain was rated at an 8/10. After following the steps of this new method for twenty minutes, I asked what his pain level was. Observing him look around the room, I repeated the question, wondering if I had been understood. After asking the question for a second time, his response was, “I am looking for the pain. I can’t seem to find it!
I asked, “Are you telling me, in 20 minutes and with 2 movements performed you have no pain?
Yes!” he replied.

Are you looking for a way to avoid the risks and expense of surgery? During our workshop, you will get to try a few of these movements to experience for yourself how the movements work for you.

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(The identifying information regarding the individual in this true example has been changed or withheld to protect the individual’s privacy.)

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