As you struggle with speeding up your results to reduce and eliminate your back and sciatic pain, you’ve probably wasted a ton of time searching for the perfect solution.

Opening and closing one door after another…

Take it from me… Before I ever used this method with my patients, I used it on myself to eliminate my pain. I KNOW IT WORKS! After having 17 surgeries, I went through a lot of failures before I found a way to bring my body’s balance back. I felt like a door was slammed in my face with every failure.

And I had difficulty letting go of those failures…

I had tried dozens and dozens of treatments, prioritizing the treatments which worked the best. What if you could learn some simple steps and get those results for yourself without trying invasive treatments? The results YOU can get for yourself learning this method makes a huge difference!

You get to the point where you are not sure there is a solution for your pain. Your hope for results begins to fade.

I am holding a workshop on June 24th. I will be sharing with you the method I used to overcome chronic back (and other) pain. I will be sharing 3 easy movements to enable you to test this method for yourself and take the knowledge home and begin to change your future!

Click here to learn more!

I can’t wait to share this info with you,

Mary Thomas PT

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