A while back a friend and I were mixing essential oils.  We were dropping oil from small bottles into even smaller bottles to create formulas to support our health.  After 15 minutes, I looked at Sharla’s work space, and then I looked at mine.  Her area was spotless.  Mine, not so much.  I asked her how she was getting all those drops into the bottles without missing and making a mess.  She said, “There is a secret, and I will share it with you.”

Yes! I am all in, and I wanted to know!  Sharla said, “It is in the commitment.”  HUH?!?  She said, “Commit to getting the drop into the smaller bottle.”

What a difference this made!  I went from having oil all over me and the bottles to having a clean work space. With practice, I became much more proficient at mixing oils.  Now I just take the bottles and make my solutions without any concern.  No spills; no mess!

I began to look at levels of commitment in other areas of my life.  What a difference!  When I am struggling to get the results I am looking for I remember to ask, “Have I committed to….?”

One big change for me was when I committed to taking care of my body and supporting wellness.  That commitment has made a huge difference!

Would you be willing to commit to attending a 1 hour workshop where I talk about how to support bringing your own body into better balance?  I will share 3 tests and 3 movements you can use to improve the way you feel.

Click here to check out a 60 second video, and commit to begin your journey to better body balance.

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