“Bob, how have you dealt with the challenges in your life?”

I asked this question in front of a group of people.  Bob, being well into his eighties, would surely have an inspired answer.  His response was vastly different than I expected.  I knew he would say something like, “Be positive. Look for the silver lining.”  I knew he was a man of faith, so maybe he would include, “Trust in God.”

Instead, he said, “I don’t really know; I haven’t had any challenges in life.”

WOW!  I was humbled and inspired by his attitude.  I knew he had faced situations and heartaches in his life that most of us would definitely call challenges…or at least problems for sure.  The untimely death of the grandchild he had raised as his own child.  Flying a B-52 bomber in WWII.  Practicing law.  He had certainly faced challenges, yet his simple answer spoke volumes!  Bob had decided he would go through life’s experiences with an attitude to inspire everyone around him.  He rolled with the punches, dusted himself off, and never quit.

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