A few years back I was confronted with some health issues.  I struggled to maintain my weight.  One of my more overweight patients said to me, “I would be happy to give you 10 lbs. and then some more if you wanted to lose it for me!”  We both laughed, and secretly I wished she could give me 10 lbs. or more.

I thought a lot about that conversation in the days ahead.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could exchange issues with one another?  I could exercise for someone else, and they could do my paperwork.

The truth is, we all have things we struggle with to find balance and be as well as possible.  However, when we face our challenges and act by putting drops in our buckets of wellness, we will eventually overcome the challenges.  Life would be boring if we didn’t have challenges to face and overcome.  I believe the reason we have different challenges is because we are all in different places in our journey of life.

What is your next area of focus?
What small changes will you make to add some drops to your bucket of wellness?

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