I wish you had been with me in March of 2017, I was driving to Canyon Lake from McAllen, TX.  I had worked all day, and it was getting dark.  I knew the way…mostly. However, I decided to use the GPS in my car.  It told me to take a turn which did not make sense, but I took it…instead of trusting my gut.  Most of the night, I drove around through parts of Texas I don’t think even the Eagles have seen.  I remember a sign saying there were no services for 102 miles.  I learned an important lesson that night.  Trust myself.  I believe this is true for each of us.  If we paid more attention to “our gut” feelings and less attention to an “authority” what choices would we make?

The next time you feel something is right, test it, and then make the decision that is right for you.

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