The Breath

I know how to breathe….at least enough to stay alive.  Research studies have revealed breathing can do a lot more than keep us alive.  By using our breath we can relax our muscles, reduce our tension, and focus our minds.

When training individuals who were hesitant to try breathing activities, I have listened to their concerns.  I learned most thought practiced breathing had to be a ridged experience with counting and forcing the breath pattern.  That is one way to perform mindful breathing.  However, breathing is a forgiving process for the most part and there are huge benefits to experiencing the breath.

Noticing your breath is a gentle way to start.  What is the first place you feel the air connect to your body as you inhale?  What area of your body do you feel move first?  What would it feel like if you intentionally invited the air into your body from another area of yourself?  How do you exhale?  How long does it take?  What would it feel like to intentionally release tension during your exhale and allow the weight of your shoulders, chest, and back to ease the air from your body?  Just a few minutes spent focused on your breath every day can change your health for the better!

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