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Learn how to relieve pain forever

The BODi Power System first pinpoints the root cause of your pain and then retrains your body and your brain, restoring natural, healthy movement so you can live your dreams.  We will teach you how to listen to your body through specific movements and a clear scoring system that gives your body a voice to communicate with you.  This jump starts your journey to wellness.

Is your pain holding you back?

The spine is a lot like like a bridge.  It has many parts and all of the parts need to work together to have a safe and functioning structure.  Just like there are many parts to the bridge there are many contributory factors to pain and dysfunctional movement.  It takes significant skill to balance and correct for the dysfunction.  If only one item is out of balance, then issues can accumulate over time in other areas and tissues, resulting in even more pain.

​Most people will get a quick adjustment or a massage which may relieve the pain for a few hours; however, this is a temporary fix and doesn’t reprogram the brain to make a permanent change.

The brain is quick to adapt and will learn to work around the pain. Just like a bridge with weak or damaged parts, the imbalanced movement patterns put stress into neighboring body parts.  You may get relief of pain in one area while increasing the stress and tension in another body region.  This results in the pain returning and the pattern of pain and dysfunction continues to spiral our of control.

​Over time, this leads to tissue damage. When pain becomes difficult and slow to resolve, people often turn to drugs or surgery to fix the problem. If the brain doesn’t learn how to perform in a balanced movement pattern, the imbalance just presents in another way by changing locations.

​By doing nothing, more and more trauma and pain are added to the system. The key is to tackle it now while you still can before it gets out of control. In some cases, the issues become so severe they are not completely resolvable.

Just like finding a weak leak in your bridge, the best solution is to pinpoint the cause of the imbalance. The body is interconnected; the pain/problem is likely caused by many imbalances. At Innovative Therapy, P.C., we focus on integrating the whole body so you can have a fully functioning and balanced body from the inside out.

​What would it feel like to have the solution for your back pain? Imagine learning how to keep your body in balance and once again feel confident and pain-free in all the activities you want to do. Now is the time to solve your pain once and for all.

​If you don’t, you might get to the point of no return where your body is in permanent strain and pain. This will negatively affect your relationship with yourself, your friends, and your family. It also affects your ability to perform well at work and stops you from being healthy and happy.

Save your time, money, and energy and start enjoying your life.

Your Body Can Heal Itself!

  • Learn how to identify red flag areas that could lead to serious health problems in the future
  • Uncover how to align the brain and body to get it to repair itself once and for all
  • Discover a drug-free way to full recovery
  • Implement a proven system to get your body working at peak performance after you have recovered
  • Leave the old, injured version of yourself behind and step into a newer and stronger version of yourself


Mary Thomas P.T.

Mary Thomas P.T.

Mary Thomas P.T. has treated patients since 1989 and has helped over 7,000 people find relief for their chronic pain.

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“Listen to your body and let your body lead, it knows what it needs to heal”