There’s Another Way

Get Rid of Pain – for Good!

Do you have chronic pain that prevents you from taking care of your children or parents? Are you an avid do-it-yourselfer that tends to “overdo it”? Are you a military veteran who has never really healed from an old injury, and you think you’re feeling about as good as you will ever feel again?

If you have been told “that’s just the way it is,” don’t give up. There’s another way! Experience true relief without medications or surgeries with the BODI Power System.




Program Breakdown

Feel Better NOW! 

The BODI Power System was designed to help you navigate the source of your physical trauma. You can start experiencing relief right away! When your BODI Power System is used routinely and strategically, you can work through the layers of long-held body and tissue trauma and get your life back!

Program Options

Ready to Feel Better NOW? Getting started is easy!

The BODI Power System, offers two options to help meet your needs:

  • In person- just visit our clinic. We accept many insurance companies including: medicare, VA vouchers, BCBS, Aetnea, Humana, Cigna and others. Call us to find out about your benefits!
  • Virtual- schedule with Mary to discover how easy and fast your pain can be resolved in the comfort and safety of your own home.

During the sessions, we will focus on aligning the whole body so you can have a fully functioning and balanced body. Just imagine being pain-free and feeling confident in all the activities you want to do!

Save your time, money, and energy and start enjoying your life.

Don’t wait!

Feel Better NOW! 


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