Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema Treatment (Swelling Treatment)

After lymphedema treatment

Lymphedema before treatment

3 Common Causes for Swelling, also known as Lymphedema

  1.  Injury/Trauma – A sprain, strain, fracture or surgery are a few of the issues which result from trauma.  The swelling slows and can even stop healing.  Scar tissue from past surgery can limit the lymph flow.  The pain can be severe and poorly resolved with medications.  You need help fast to stop the pain.
  2. Cancer Treatment – The removal of lymph nodes and vessels, radiation causing internal burns, damages the lymph flow.  A region or body part begins to feel tight and not move well, the swelling expands and becomes visible, even unsightly.  Get help now!
  3. Genetic Issues – The lymphatic system does not develop well in utero for some people.  This results in swelling which appears to start spontaneously at some point in the person’s life.  There is help!

How Does Resolving Swelling (lymphedema) Help You?

  • Lymph is a biproduct of blood – think of it like the garbage collection system.  Garbage removal is essential to healthy tissues and joints.
  • The blood veins carry used materials back to your organs for removal and recycling.  Some materials are too large to get back inside the veins because veins have “windows” to allow smaller material to enter.  This is similar to using a small broom.
  • Lymph vessels have “garage doors” which allow the large cells and used materials to enter at a high rate of speed.  Large amounts of  wastes, including fluid are removed from the tissues using the lymphatic system.  It is like using a tractor to create the change instead of a broom.
  • Removing the “used materials” and excessive fluid from your tissues allows new healthy material to enter the tissues and support healing.
  • When swelling becomes chronic (lasting more than a week) or static (the swelling is not resolving) the health of the tissues declines causing pain, wounds, infections and more.
  • Resolving the swelling allows health to be restored to the tissues, thus stopping the pain because the tissue destruction is stopped.  Healing is happening.

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