Lymphedema Treatment Requires 5 Components For Results.

Lymphedema is an issue which is anatomical, microscopic anatomy. What does that mean?  Anatomy is the structure and parts of the body.  This includes the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and so much more.  There are specific lymphatic vessels which carry fluid from the tissues back to the circulatory system of your body.  Recently I was … Read more

Wendy Williams leg swelling is caused by Lymphedema

Wendy Williams’s leg swelling is due to a condition called lymphedema.  What is lymphedema and how does it affect different people in different ways? Lymphedema is a condition where the lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed and the body swells in an area or region. There are several common causes of lymphedema – 1. Cancer or other … Read more

The power of essential oils

The power of essential oils

Essential Oils are made up of the smallest molecules that a plant produces.  Taken straight from the earth, essential oils are able to capture the full power of nature and allow someone to bring it into their body and home.  The use of essential oils can help combat toxins and give our bodies a gentle … Read more

Reframe the Pain


By Mary Thomas P.T. When we have been living with emotional pain for a long time, it is easy to either: 1. Tune out the pain in order to not see it or feel it. However, by doing this, the pain continues to affect every move and every decision we make. It is easy for … Read more

Is your pain holding you back?

Man feeling backache after sleeping in bed

When the pain in your lower back is left unresolved, it can leave you looking and moving 20 years older than you are. At Innovative Therapy P.C., we believe that it is essential for you address your pain before it results in serious damage. The human body is like a machine in many ways. There … Read more