The Little Engine that Got it Right


Do you remember the little red engine that could?  The one that said, “I think I can. I think I can. I know I can!”  He was in the train yard with the big engines who had failed to get the...


My Mentor Asked me 3 Questions – Will they change your life?


Picture yourself being asked these 3 questions by your mentor.    “Mary, how good are you at fixing your patients?”   I puffed up my chest and said, “With all the courses I have...


Looking for Door #3


Have you ever gone to your healthcare provider expecting them to “fix you”?  The provider does 100%, and you just “lay there”.  It would be terrific if that worked!  From personal experience, I came t...


It is in the Commitment


A while back a friend and I were mixing essential oils.  We were dropping oil from small bottles into even smaller bottles to create formulas to support our health.  After 15 minutes, I looked at Shar...


Afraid of another failure?


As you struggle with speeding up your results to reduce and eliminate your back and sciatic pain, you’ve probably wasted a ton of time searching for the perfect solution. Opening and closing one door ...


Cutting Through the Bull


I’m teaching a workshop for you on June 24th. It’s LIVE, and it’s about how to take advantage of a weird treatment method that I and my patients are getting an average of 40% improvement o...


The Solution I Used


Have you ever started and quit a treatment program for your back pain? It wasn’t working? It helped for a few hours but then it was back to the therapist for more help? You began to think there was no...


Courage to Change


Have you ever thought, “I just want to fix my back pain NOW without going to my healthcare provider”? There is a method you can learn and use over and over. You learn it, you take it with you, a...


What results are you getting?


Recently a patient came into my office immediately following his first appointment with a new doctor. He said, “The doctor told me I have to have surgery.” I found out the surgery was to address back ...


Standing Up On The Inside


As a physical therapist, I frequently help people learn to stand up, step up, and improve their balance. People never stop amazing me. I have seen people learn to stand and walk again because they kne...