Resolve Pain. Increase Balance. Maximize Control WITHOUT DRUGS.

The BODi Power System improve your ability to perform the activities you find rewarding.  Each session includes three phases tailored to your level of ability.  With your one performance kit and the support of a Physical Therapist, you will learn how to apply simple exercises to maximize your performance and put an end to doctor’s visits, harmful drugs, and life-limiting pain.


Phase 1

Identify and measure your most limiting movements by performing a series of exercises in a specific sequence with a trained professional.  The exercises are tailored to your level of ability and will examine your power, flexibility, and level of pain.  Together we will develop a Movement Number (M#) to ensure a clear baseline from which we will track your improvement.


Phase 2

Unlike other treatment methods, the BODi Power System addresses and treats the sources of your limitations instead of trying to cover up the symptoms.  Your treatments consist of repeatable rounds of exercise focused on expanding the best things about your movement to release your body’s restrictions. With each round, we will re-test your limitations, troubleshoot and adjust your exercise to discover patterns and develop a plan to restore your movement over time.


Phase 3

The discoveries from our sessions will result in a treatment program based on your goals and abilities.  You will learn how to measure, track and self-treat your limiting movements at home at your own pace using customized material to guide you.

We repeat these 3 phases each session increasing your level of ability!

You can achieve more than you dreamed you can!!