3 Ways to use Essential Oils


Essential oils have gained popularity in recent years because they are a natural alternative for several everyday tasks. Pure Therapeutic grade oils are safe and effective. They have unique and beautiful aromas. Their use spans all the way from ancient civilizations to today. Essential oils can be used for things such as cooking, bathing, skin … Read more

Fighting Fatigue


Fatigue is something that affects all of us, regardless of whether you’re a perfectly healthy individual or suffering from a chronic, debilitating condition. Try as you might, sometimes it feels like you just can’t do anything about it. Here at Innovative Therapy P.C., we believe there are ways to combat fatigue without having to resort … Read more

What to do if pain returns

Often, when people return to the clinic, they talk about their pain and when it came back. Sometimes, when we move towards a goal, have to take a step back. When this happens, do not worry, we have an answer for what to do if your pain returns. First, you need to define the pain. … Read more

Beauty and Skin Care


Essential Oils aren’t just a tool with a numerous amount of health benefit. They can also be use for skin care and beauty. As surprising as this is, essential oils were actually some of the first beauty products ever used in ancient history. They have a wide use of applications, ranging all the way from … Read more