In August of 2008, I was referred to Mary Thomas by my oncologist, Dr. Habib Ghaddar.  A month before I had a sudden and severe outbreak of cellulitis over my entire right arm, shoulder, and chest.  In a few hours my right arm swelled to twice its normal size, was covered with a fiery red rash, and I had a 104-degree fever.  After five days of IV antibiotics and two weeks of oral antibiotics, the rash disappeared but the arm remained hard and twice its normal size. Physicians told me to expect it to stay that way. The removal of 23 lymph nodes in 2003 as part of treatment for breast cancer was not helping the situation.

I have received treatments from Ms. Thomas (Mary) for the past five and a half years through more than a dozen outbreaks of cellulitis and am happy to say the arm has reduced in size and it is softer too.

Yes, I still have lymphedema and some swelling but the lymphatic massage therapy under Ms. Thomas’ expertly trained hands continue to break up the blocks in the lymphatic system and keeps the excessive swelling to a tolerable level.  Her guidance in diet and exercise plus the use of compression sleeves have been a boon as well.

I feel blessed to have the services of someone with her level of knowledge regarding the lymphatic system plus her passionate dedication to serving those afflicted with lymphatic disorders.  Her knowledge, expertise, and compassion have been a constant support and source of motivation to face lymphedema with a positive and hopeful mindset.