Falling and loss of balance

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I don’t need help, I didn’t fall and I can get up

Falling is the number 1 cause of death in people over 70.  You don’t have to be one of these unfortunate folks who fall, fracture a bone, and meet their maker in less than a year.  Many balance programs teach you how to balance despite the imbalances and dysfunction in your body, which you have come to think of as normal.  Our proprietary system brings your body into balance from the inside out resulting in vast improvement in your ability to function safely in the community while improving many of your body systems.

Mary Thomas P.T.

Mary Thomas P.T.

Mary Thomas P.T. has treated patients since 1989 and has helped over 7,000 people find relief for their chronic pain.

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“Listen to your body and let your body lead, it knows what it needs to heal”