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Afraid of falling in the cold weather? Fall Prevention!

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Cold weather comes with the risk of more frequent falls.

Snow, ice, and water on the ground challenges our balance.   We can practice standing on one foot and claim it will improve our balance but does it?  Does it correct our ability to deal with slippery surfaces, stiff muscles, and joints, or changes in the surface we are walking on?  It does not.  Balance is very specific to how the neurological system is trained to balance.  If the training is performed in a still or static body position this does not carry over to a activity the body is performing.

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Your brain can learn to balance while you are standing still by shifting various body parts to various positions.  It is like stacking up your child’s toy blocks.  The blocks do not have to be in a perfectly aligned stack to stay upright.  If one layer of blocks is shifted to the left the next layer may be shifted to the right and the blocks remain in a stacked configuration.  However, if there is a disturbance of the air or floor related to the blocks they will tumble much more easily than if the blocks were right on top of each other.  Let’s consider a webal toy.  Remember that webals- wabble but they do not fall down.  These toys have a rounded and weighted bottom which enables them to move easily and pop back up into a correct position again.  When our brains and body’s are well integrated we can pop back up or stay up even when our balance is challenged by the environment.  Our body’s don’t work exactly like the webal toy though, we need to learn how to work with our body integrating all the parts from the brain down to our feet to improve our ability to stay on our feet no matter what.  The BODi Power System trains your body and all of it’s more than 2000 parts to work together as a system using activities.

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Balance depends far less upon your age and past traumas than it depends upon how well all your body parts are integrated and working together.  People think it is their age because it is a good reason not to do anything about it, it is a good reason to turn away from the truth that something can be done about it.  Falls can be prevented.  Balance during movement can be improved.

What would you do if you could move again?

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