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Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain caused by Cold Weather

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Muscles and joints get painful and stiff in cold temperatures.

One of the top reasons people have more joint pain when the temperatures drop is the lymphatic flow slows down.  Sixty percent of the lymphatic system travels just under the skin but above the muscles.  When our body gets cold the lymph fluid (which is high in protein, like jello) gets thicker and it moves slower as the tiny muscles that move the lymph fluid move slower and with less frequency.  This causes fluid to accumulate in our muscles and tendons, around our joints and which can cause pressure on the nerves.  We can’t do much to change the temperature in the environment.  I know you can recycle and use fewer chemicals in your world but this will have an effect over time and we need relief in our bodies now.

You may be experiencing increased pain all over your body or in just a specific area.  My left shoulder, where I have had 2 surgeries was really hurting the other day as a cold front came in.  What do you do about it?

A few recommendations which use simple and available options include –

Homemade Rice Heating Pad with Lavender - Great Gift - 2 Bees in a Pod

  1. A pain-relieving cream,  Deep blue by DoTerra is my favorite pain relief rub (buy DoTerra here).  As a physical therapist, I have tried them all and this one seems to give people the greatest relief the fastest.
  2.  A heating pad or a rice bag warmed in the microwave is applied to the area.  (A picture of a heating pad)
  3. Taking a hot shower or bath then dress warmly in layers before leaving the bathroom to hold the heat in your tissues.
  4. Watching and performing the activities on this video (watch video)will reduce inflammation or swelling caused by a sluggish lymph system.  Doing these activities in a hot bathtub is even better than doing them in a chair or on the bed.The Secret to a More Bubbly Bubble Bath - The Bathtubber
  5. Deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the lymphatic flow as well.  Check out this video for diaphragmatic breathing instructions (watch the video here).

If your pain doesn’t respond to these suggestions you may consider seeking professional help before the weather changes happen again and you are living in pain.  Resolving the underlying issue is the absolute best way to stop the pain. There is help.  Stop the pain now.  Call 214-225-8530 and schedule your consultation now.  We work online and in person.

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