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Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine

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There may be a chance that there are more chemicals in your daily routine than you realize. Some of these chemicals may come from tasks that are simples such as:

1. Brushing your teeth, and taking a shower with soaps and body cleaners.
2. Doing your laundry and cleaning your kitchen with bleach or other kind of cleaner.
3. Lighting a synthetic candle or using an air freshener in order to bring an inviting smell into your home.
4. Facing that 3pm slump and grabbing a cup of coffee or a soda in order to keep yourself going.
5. Doing your nightly routine after a long day, washing your face and brushing your teeth.
Chemicals are everywhere and sometimes it’s hard to avoid them. However, here are some simple ways to change your daily routine and decrease the number of chemical that are in your life.
1. When waking up, inhale the fresh, pure energizing aroma of Grapefruit, which naturally awakens all your senses.
2. Getting in the shower? Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to your conditioner in order to make your hair look fuller and smell amazing. You can also use a pure soap infused with essential oil to help release tension as you prepare for the day.
3. When you’re facing that 3pm slump, put a drop of Wild orange and Peppermint into your water in order to boost your energy and increase your mental focus.
4. If you’re wiping down your kitchen counter, fill a spray bottle with water Lemon oil. This allows to bring a fresh sent into the entire room.
5. At bedtime, consider applying a few drops of Lavender to your pillow case and breathe in the scent deeply, taking a few minutes to relax as you drift off to sleep.
When you switch out chemicals for natural plant products, this helps support the body in many ways, not the least of which is reducing the load of toxic chemicals.
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