When the pain in your lower back is left unresolved, it can leave you looking and moving 20 years older than you are. At Innovative Therapy P.C., we believe that it is essential for you address your pain before it results in serious damage.

The human body is like a machine in many ways. There are many critical parts to the successful running of any device and if one of those parts is not working properly, then it compromises the entire structure. Think of a bridge with one weak support, all it takes is enough pressure for the entire thing to collapse.
Well, the same thing applies to the human body. Your ability to move well consists of having a healthy and balanced back, strong and mobile knees, and flexibility in your hips. If you neglect your body over time, it can get extremely stiff and if left untreated, it can eventually freeze. Not only does this make it painful and cumbersome to move around, but it also prevents you from living the lifestyle you want.
When we get the first signs of pain, it is paramount we treat it right then and there. When you chose to wait, you are playing a dangerous game that could end up costing you a lot more than you ever imagined.
The body is incredibly skilled at adapting. Just like how we adjust to our environment, our bodies can also sometimes adapt to our injuries. When it does this, it prevents us from healing. By living with our pain, we begin to think it’s the new normal and forget how good it feels to be better.
The problem with the traditional form of physical therapy the focus is placed on the broken part which is forced to stretch, strengthen, and have adjustments done. However, this is just training your body to deal with its limitations and pain rather than finding the root cause and resolving it. Failure to get to the core of the problem is what leads to major health issues further down the line.
Even relaxing the muscles is not enough to correct the system because there is a neurological component. The key is to train your brain to integrate the changes, if not, you will just go back to having the same problems over and over again.
However, there is a solution. At Innovative Therapy P.C., we have learned that the body can be rebooted using specific movement tests that reveal the underlying causes of pain and movement restriction. This way, both your mind and your body is able to heal together, helping you lead a better and happier life.