Some essential oils have properties that can warm and help soothe the body when applied topically, while others have a cooling effect and create a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. While these oils have a minimal affect on the actual temperature of the body, they are referred to as “warming” and “cooling” oils because of the way their chemical properties interact with the nerve receptors on the skin.

People tend to use these types of warming and cooling oils to help soothe the body after physical activities such as exercise or manual labor. One of the the best things about using these essential oils to soothe muscles and joints is that they can be applied to targeted areas for a focused increase of comfort.
While participating in certain activities throughout your day, you may experience some muscle or joint discomfort typically resulting from overuse, stress, or other concerns. This can impede movement and discourage you from exercising and enjoying an active lifestyle.
Depending on your pain and what your body needs, we encourage the use of these oils during your healing process. Wintergreen and Cassia have warming properties that can be soothing, while cooling essential oils like PeppermintLemongrass, and Blue Tansy can give your body cooling comfort. If you are in doubt of whether a warming or a cooling oil would be best for you, then try Deep Blue Rub. This lotion has the properties of both the cooling and warming oils.