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What to do if pain returns

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Often, when people return to the clinic, they talk about their pain and when it came back. Sometimes, when we move towards a goal, have to take a step back. When this happens, do not worry, we have an answer for what to do if your pain returns.

First, you need to define the pain. Where is it? How severe is it on a scale of 0 to 10? What is the size of the pain?  Is it in a small area or a large area? If it is large area of pain, how much of the body does it cover? And finally, is the pain deep inside the body or superficial?
Second, test your top two movements from your last session of BODi Power System. Just like we do in the clinic, determine which side is easy and which side is the hard side. Score the hard side (100 is extremely difficult and 0 is extremely easy) and then write it down.
Then, from the two movements that you tested, choose the easiest one. Perform this movement. You can do three sets of three rep, five reps, or ten reps. Or if the exercise you chose does not use reps, you can do three sets of ten second holds, fifteen second holds, or twenty second holds.
After you have performed a round of movements on the easy side using the easiest movements, it is time to retest the opposite side. Score your opposite side and use your adjustment guide to determine what your next step is. Once everything is complete, evaluate the pain that you were having. Has it gone done at all, become less intense, a smaller size, etc.? Write these changes down. Follow your adjustment guide to determine your next step to ensure you get the most relief from your pain.
If you have performed two to four rounds of your top two movements and still have no pain relief, go all the way back to level one. Test all the movements in level one and score the easy and hard side for each movement. Treat the top two movements following the steps above. If you test level one and find there is no difference between any of the movements, then test level two movements. Continue this pattern until you find a movement with a difference between the two sides and treat the pain until it resolves to the point you are comfortable.
Remember that when you are in pain to do everything very gently, we do not want to agitate it even more. Other things that help are heating pad, an ice pack or rubbing Deep Blue into the affected area. If you have done all these steps and are still concerned about your pain, contact our office today.
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