Real People

Victoria Trigos

I noticed the beneficial change right away, physical, behavioral and of course, functional.

I loved the attention they give the patients. From day one, Mary and her staff treated me with respect. I could tell they really, truly care for their patients’ wellness. Every therapy day, Mary and Veronica would read my body language to see improvements or areas to work with…Read More

Marie Shirley

I am so amazed at my progress.  My pain is very minimal if at all now.  My range of motion, control, and balance are incredible for a woman of my age.  My wellbeing and quality of life have been restored and I have hope, with the tools I have learned, to enjoy greater mobility for a long time.

Most of all Mary taught me strategies to employ on my own at home that will contribute to my overall wellbeing.

I would recommend Innovative Therapy to anyone without any hesitation.

Real Stories

Jose Martinez

The combination of massages, exercises, and yoga worked very well for me besides reviving my initial physical condition. I have improved my balance, flexibility, and endurance as well as my ability to personally address that kind of pain when it arises again.

Jennifer Garcia

Since starting my therapy with Mary in mid-January, my symptoms have begun to improve. During my therapy sessions I have gained a better understanding of my conditions and still learning so much. My confidence level has improved greatly knowing that I have found a practitioner who has given me tools to help and who can continue to get me through flare ups. I have entered into a new level of wellness I have never thought would be possible before therapy.

Real Results

Juan Medina

Ms. Thomas gave me back my shoulder and arm mobility, After a long time of limited mobility, I am back to normal activities and pain-free, excellent professional and awesome human being, she is at a Diamond level when it comes to Physical therapy. Thank you, Ms. Thomas. You are an Angel to me.

Heather Waldrop

In August of 2008, I was referred to Mary Thomas by my oncologist, Dr. Habib Ghaddar.  A month before I had a sudden and severe outbreak of cellulitis over my entire right arm, shoulder, and chest.  In a few hours my right arm swelled to twice its normal size, was covered with a fiery red rash, and I had a 104-degree fever.  After five days of IV antibiotics and two weeks of oral antibiotics… Read More

Howard Minckler

Great Experience!  My energy level has improved, and I take fewer naps during the day (I work nights).  My balance is improving.  With the excellent instructions I will be ale to work out where ever I am and remain as healthy as possible the rest of my life.