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I have over 30 years of experience handling chronic pains like back pain, elbow pain.

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Experience lasting back pain relief with our targeted, non-invasive treatments.

Soothe your shoulder pain with our expert care and innovative pain relief techniques.

Regain mobility and reduce knee pain with our specialized knee pain relief solutions.

Ease your neck pain and improve flexibility with our effective neck relief therapies.

Step towards comfort with our advanced foot pain relief treatments and care.

Find relief from elbow pain with our tailored treatments and expert care.

Mary Thomas, PT

Mary Thomas has treated patients since 1998 and has helped over 7,000 people find relief for their chronic pain.

Mary has helped cancer survivors improve their quality of life after treatment.

She has worked with infants and children all the way up to people in their 90s.

Her adventures have taught her that the impossible isn’t always permanent and that people set their own limits. Mary wants everyone to understand that they can go from functional limitations to powerful moves.

Her mission is to bring the BODi Power System™ to everyone who wants to move well, and usually better than they ever imagined.

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Richard Stevens

I spent six weeks with Innovative Therapy and found the whole experience very fruitful. I got good results, learned a lot, and Mary is an excellent physical therapist. Knowledgeable, empathetic, and a pleasure to worth with. Highly recommend.

Joyce Flaherty

Mary is very in tune with what your body is telling her. That gets you faster results to keep you in tune with your body. Very precise and detailed in her ability to get you back on track. Thanks Mary

Jerri Vincent

I was going to a provider who said they were a lymphactic specialist. I had no idea how fast things could improve when I was treated by the experts at Innovative Therapy. My wounds are healing and my knee is improving extremely fast. They make therapy fun!

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Benefits Of Physical Therapy Dallas

Physical therapy at Innovative Therapy PC offers many benefits, perfectly blending expert care with personalized treatment plans.

Our approach effectively manages pain, enhances mobility, and accelerates injury recovery, making it ideal for various conditions.

Whether you’re dealing with age-related issues, seeking to improve athletic performance, or recovering from a stroke, our specialized programs are designed to meet your unique needs.

Our therapy focuses on physical rehabilitation and contributes to your overall mental well-being, helping reduce stress and anxiety.

By choosing Innovative Therapy PC, you’re opting for a path that may reduce the need for surgery and medication, leading you toward a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Our commitment to your health and wellness makes us a trusted partner in your journey to recovery and improved quality of life.

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My Approach & Philosophy

My philosophy is that the body can and does heal itself. When we give it the right support it can and does heal itself faster.

What is the right support?

Asking the body through tests and using a scoring system to allow your body a method of communication. Using this information to develop a treatment plan allows your body to lead the process.

90% of our movement happens on a subconscious level. Actual healing occurs by including this subconscious part of our brain and integrating the muscles, joints, and other body parts while restoring healthy movement.

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Why Choose Innovative Therapy PC?

Innovative Therapy PC stands out in the realm of physical therapy and pain management for several compelling reasons:

  1. Personalized Care: Each patient receives a tailored treatment plan to meet their needs and goals. This customized approach ensures more effective and targeted therapies.
  2. Wide Range of Specializations: We address various conditions, from everyday issues like back and neck pain to more specialized concerns such as sciatica, SI joint pain, and lymphedema. Our expertise extends to managing complex cases, including post-surgical recovery and tendon injuries.
  3. Expertise in Pain Management: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in managing various types of pain, whether chronic conditions like osteoarthritis and tendonitis or acute discomfort from injuries or wrong sleeping positions.
  4. Progress Monitoring: We don’t just set a treatment plan and leave it at that. Regular progress monitoring is integral to our approach, ensuring that treatments remain effective and are adjusted as needed for the best outcomes.
  5. Holistic Approach: Understanding that pain management and recovery go beyond physical treatment, we incorporate holistic strategies to address all aspects of a patient’s well-being.


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