What is Innovative Therapy PC?

Our passion at Innovative Therapy PC is maximizing your ability to move, balance and perform your activity without pain. Remember when running across the playground, gliding across the dance floor or hitting a drive down the fairway, was easy and brought pure joy?  Our proprietary system puts the swing back into your drive and the ease back into your performance by pinpointing your limitations with gentle, painless tests and then teaching you how to release the limitations using your bests moves.

Why choose Innovative Therapy PC?

When partnering with us your ability to move freely and without pain becomes our creative process.  We get to know you and your goals.  We isolate your limitations using them only to monitor your progress and customize a program for your needs and goals.  We monitor your response every few minutes and adjust your program as indicated by your response to achieve goals rapidly.

Address the Issues

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Foot Pain

Receive the Benefits

Increase Your Drive Distance

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Brilliant Back Swing, Fabulous Follow Through

Transfer Your Power with Ease and Grace

Better Balance, Improved Flexibility

Solid foundation, Dynamic Balance

Resolve Pain, Increase Balance and Maximize Control Without Drugs

The BODi Power System improves your ability to perform the activities you find rewarding.  It puts you in the driver’s seat of your health and behind the wheel of your results.  With the support and encouragement of skilled professionals, you learn how to apply simple exercises, which reduce pain, limit doctor’s visits and the use of drugs, in three phases.

Perform simple exercises to pin point your best and worst movements.

Treat and discover your painful & limiting movements with a Physical Therapist.

Receive a personalized treatment plan to use on your own time, at your own pace.

Our Client Satisfaction is Unparalleled.

Mark Maness PGA Professional

Having played golf for 50 years, I have many of the usual ailments. Not limited to some range of motion issues in my hips and shoulders, and less than spectacular thoracic spine mobility. In three sessions Mary and I managed to increase the range of motion in my shoulders significantly, and my ability to rotate in my thoracic spine has increased and with less pain.

Mark Maness

Marie S.

I am so amazed at my progress.  My pain is very minimal if at all now.  My range of motion, control and balance are incredible for a woman of my age.

Juan M.

Ms. Thomas gave me back my shoulder and arm mobility, After a long time of limited mobility. Thank you, Ms. Thomas. You are an Angel to me.

Fred S.

I have experienced improved stability, increased strength, reduced leg cramps, improve feeling in my feet, and an overall feeling of wellness thanks to Mary.